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Are you struggling to write essays in French? In this article, I have shared a list of 30 useful French words and phrases that will help you create more sophisticated written arguments for your exam (at school or for DELF exam).

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à la finin the end
à mon avis / quant à moi / selon moiin my opinion
alors quewhereas
autrement ditin other words
avant de conclurebefore concluding...
bien que je puisse comprendre quealthough I can understand that
cela va sans dire queit goes without saying that
considéronslet's consider
d’après moiaccording to me
d’une part, d’autre parton one hand, on the other hand
en ce qui far as ... is concerned
en outrefurthermore / moreover
enfinfinally, at last
grâce àthanks to
il est donc question deit is a matter of
il faut bien reconnaître queit must be recognised that
il semble que les avantages l'emportent sur les inconvenientsit seems that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages
il serait absurde de dire queit would be absurd to say that
il vaut mieuxit is better to
je crois quei think/ believe that
je soutiens donc queI maintain that
je suis contreI am against
je voudrais souligner queI’d like to underline that
la premiere constatation qui s'impose, c'est quethe first thing to be noted is that
ne… ni… nineither… nor
pas forcément la faute denot necessarily the fault of
pour commencerto start with
selon moiaccording to me
tout bien considéréall things considered

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Frederic Bibard is the founder of Talk in French, a company that helps french learners to practice and improve their french. Macaron addict. Jacques Audiard fan. You can contact him on Twitter and Google +

Simple French words and phrases, with audio

If you don't speak any French, be reassured; here's the good news! Lots of people in France speak English, specially young people, and people working in tourism in Paris and the main holiday regions.  Now for the bad news there are also lots who do not - even working in the travel and hospitality business.  
Here therefore are twenty-five of the most important French words to learn, and twenty-five simple French phrases that  could well come in useful during a trip to France. Rather than a complicated phrasebook, just print out this page (click for printer-friendly version) or save it to your mobile-phone before you go.

Survive in France...

25 vital French words and simple expressions to learn before travelling

(The pronunciation of each word is indicated in brackets).
The sound represented  below as "eu" is the "er" sound in the British pronunciation of the word her, or the "ur" of fur.  So French Je more or less rhymes with English her, or with the word the before a consonant (as in What's the matter?).   To listen to each word or phrase, just click the symbol

Audio provided by - video and podcast
lessons for French phrases, grammar and vocabulary

And 25 most useful French phrases

(Sometimes incorporating essential words from the list above)
  1. Bonjour. (bon-zhour) Hello   Listen
  2. Merci.  (mair-see) Thankyou   Listen
  3. Au revoir. (oh-reu-vwar)Goodbye   Listen
  4. Je ne comprends pas. (zheu neu kompron par I don’t understand 
  5. Je ne parle pas français. (zheu neu parl par fron-say )  
    I don’t speak French   Listen
  6. Pouvez vous parler plus lentement, s’il vous plait
    (poo-vay-voo par-lay ploo lontermon)
    Could you speak more slowly, please.   Listen
  7. Pouvez-vous répéter, s’il vous plaît.
    (poo-vay-voo ray-pay-tay, see-voo-play)
     Could you repeat that please.     Listen
  8. S’il vous plaît, je cherche…… 
    (see-voo-play, zheu share-sh ......) Please, I’m looking for (whatever you are looking for).   Listen
  9. Avez-vous…. (avay -voo)   Do you have…. ?    Listen
  10. Avez-vous une chambre pour deux personnes?
    (avay -voo une shombre poor deuh pair-sonn)
    Do you have a room for two ?   Listen
  11. A quelle heure est-ce que cela ferme ?
     (a kel eure esk slar fairme)
    When does it shut ?    Listen
  12. Combien ça coûte ?
    (kom-bjanne sar coot)
    How much is it ?    Listen
  13. Ou sont les toilettes, s’il vous plaît ?
    ( oo son lay twar-let, see-voo-play
    Where is the toilet / washroom, please ?   Listen
  14. Ou est-ce qu’on peut trouver des restaurants, s’il vous plaît?
    ( oo esk on peu troo-vay day resto-ron, see-voo-play)
    Where are there some restaurants, please ?  
  15. Un café et un café au lait, s’il vous plaît.
    (ern caffay ay ern caffay olay, see-voo-play)
    One black coffee, and one white coffee please.    Listen
  16. L’addition, s’il vous plaît. 
    Could I have the bill please.  Listen
  17. A l’aeroport, s’il vous plaît.  (ar l'aeropor see-voo-play)
    To the airport, please.  Listen
  18. Une table pour deux / quatre personnes. 
    (oon tarbleu poor deuh /cat-r pair-son)
    A table for two / for four.   Listen
  19.  Je ne me sens pas bien.(zheu neu meu son par bjanne)
      I’m not feeling very well.   Listen
  20. Nous sommes perdus.(noo som pair-dju)
    We’re lost.  Listen
  21. Nous voulons aller à …….  (noo voolon allay are...)
    We want to go to (wherever you want to go).  Listen
  22. Je cherche un distributeur de billets.
    (zheu share-sh ern dee-stree-beaut-eur deu bee-ay)
    I’m looking for an ATM / cash dispenser. Listen
  23. Pouvez-vous m’appeler un taxi, s’il vous plaît ; 
    (poovay voo maplay ern taxi see-voo-play)
    Could you please call me a cab.   Listen
  24. Nous sommes très pressés / en retard. 
    (noo som tray pressay / on retar)
    We’re in a great hurry / late.   Listen
  25. Quel temps va-t-il faire aujourd’hui?
    (kel tom vartil fair oh-zhour-dwee)
    What’s the weather going to be like today ?   Listen

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