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Term Paper In Fields Crops

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Barton, Sarah. “Impact of Cover Crop Use on a Southern Minnesota Soybean and Corn Field: An Analysis of Soil Health and Macroinvertebrate Communities.” 2016.
Keyword(s): cover crops, macroinvertebrates, soil

Bristol, Emily. “Nitrogen loading in agricultural water drainage in Northfield, Minnesota.” 2016.
Keyword(s): fertilization, nutrients, tillage

Jones, Annika M. “Impact on Soil Quality by Long-term no-till Practices and Artificial Drainage Systems.” 2006.
Keyword(s): tillage

Klenz, Kendra N. “Promoting soil integrity: the use of cover crops and a microorganism stimulant on a strip-till corn field in southeastern Minnesota.” 2015.
Keyword(s): cover crops, nutrients, soil

Knee, Tom. “The Effects of a Cover Crop Mixture on a Strip-Till Corn Field in Southeastern Minnesota.” 2016.
Keyword(s): cover crops, nutrients, soil

McCormick, Connor. “Comparison of Four Cover Crop Interseeding Methods and Their Effects on Stand Density, Corn Yield, and Soil Properties.” 2014.

Misch, Lisa. “Comparative analysis of soil quality between agricultural lands varying in farming practices and soil management techniques in southeastern MN.” 2014.

Mitchell, David. “Effects of Hog Manure Fertilizer on Nutrients, Soil Properties, and E. coli Presence in Agriculture Fields in Corn Production in Northfield, Minnesota, U.S.A.” 2009.
Keyword(s): nutrient cycling

Spurr, Rebecca R. “Effects of varying nitrogen fertilizer treatments on soil properties, nutrients, and economic returns in a southeastern Minnesota cornfield.” 2010.
Keyword(s): fertilization

Squires, Ellen. “The impact of different nitrogen fertilizer rates on soil characteristics, plant properties, and economic returns in a southeastern Minnesota cornfield.” 2013.
Keyword(s): fertilization

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