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We can very well imagine the Future of India by observing the inherent tendencies, and correctly reading into the psychology of today’s children.

The children of today would be fathers of tomorrow, who are being nurtured into the wombs of formal and informal agencies of education. There is ample scope for making generalizations though impartial and penetrating observation.

Under conditions and circumstances prevalent today, it needs not merely guess-work or astrologer’s remarks to reflect the future image of India, but a logical inference derived from a sound reasoning, an act fairly difficult but not impossible.

India is clearly focusing on the standard of education . It would be an era of mass intelligence more high level. People will not let loose their minds to be devil’s workshop. Scientific education will enable them to transforming the knowledge of power into good experience.

Changed and improved system of education will change our angle of approach to the condition of women in India. Such an education is sure to inculcate a sense of responsibility, love and respect for the daughters of India. Moreover, they will participate hand to hand with men in all walks of life honorably, proportionate to that of the educated men. Most of the women will be socially and economically independent of their husbands. They will work in factories and offices.

There will be a mass awakening to give importance to family-planning and practice methods of birth control. People will exercise birth control methods to reduce density of excessive population, to eliminate poverty, to improved the standard of living and promote healthy life, and to stop infant mortality.

Mangalyaan is an India spacecraft which is orbiting Mars. India has a powerful navy, air-force and standing army. India will make the best and utmost use of its power for self-defense and peaceful purposes.

The gigantic power will be molded and channelized for beneficial applications to eliminate unemployment, poverty, hunger, violence, inequality, injustice and misery of millions.

The Information Technology revolution will completely turn the political, economic, social, cultural, intellectual and emotional life of Indians.it will create new means of employment.

Automation will enable us to substitute human labor both physical and mental by machines. A number of new industries will be established and time and labor saving devices will be installed for the purpose of rationalizing the old industries. Raw materials and transport facilities for the disposal of finished goods will be enough. Cottage industries will gain momentum, and power will be supplied at cheaper rates, so as to enable them to compete with large-scale and heavy industries.

The Future of India is bright in the matter and manner of economic planning. As a result of this, there will be a good deal of dimensional increase in national wealth and per capita income so as to raise the standard of living in the country. Rapid industrialization will press forward the development of basic and heavy industries. Employment opportunities will be copious and inequalities in income and wealth well be considerably reduced. Thus distribution of economic power will be fair and even.

The Indian Society will witness equality of opportunities, increased production, and elimination of social and economic disadvantages, increased efficiency and full utilization of all available and conceivable resources. People will be able to attain the fully developed height of personality and the highest position in the society.

In such a society there will be no ignorance, superstition and other social evils as are ingrained today. No section of society will be a victim of exploitation or tyranny. The people of Future India will not suffer from the attitude pertaining to caste, community, religion or sex. They will be a great people of great land.

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We are living in a world where technology is a crucial need of humanity. We are so used to today’s technology that we employ its sources in our day to day life. It is evident from the fact that we are dependent on computers for everything we do and it has made our lives, easier and comfortable.This technology is the greatest boon to our society and one of the major industries in this regard is Information Technology. Information Technology has two subsets, namely IT services and BPO (business process outsourcing). This sector has been a major contributor to the growth of the economy of our country. It is evident in the fact that the contribution of this sector to India’s GDP has grown from 1.2% in 1998 to 7.5% in 2012. This industry has emerged as an asset to Indian economy, in recent years. With the advancement in technology, this industry has made itself compatible, with newest innovations. In late 90’s, this industry was not very common in India, but with the increase in technology and innovation in India and owing to the fact that it was supported by global factors, this industry has boomed.

India has become one of the majorIT jobscapitals of the world generating 2.5 millionjobs. The youngsters are attracted to this industry because it has a bright future and offers high perks. Moreover, cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. have emerged as the major IT capitals in India. Bangalore, the silicon valley of India is the major exporter of the IT services in India. Different IT parks have emerged in India and it is still growing, at a high rate. When we talk about careers in these IT sectors, the top companies are HCL, Tata consultancy services, Wipro, Infosys, and Cognizant.

When it comes to employment, this sector has made a major contribution, in India. Many freshers who have completed their engineering are employed in this sector. The industry is growing faster than any other industry in India and it sustains the potential to make this country, a global IT superpower.

If we look at the future aspect of this industry, we can be sure that the IT boom is not going to subside any time soon. Today, India has a booming IT sector, with millions of qualified engineers, to fuel its growing needs. IT has spread its root from Bangalore to other cities of India and is connecting India with the world. India always has an advantage of dedicated workforce, who can interact in English. This provides them an advantage over China, but China is also taking measures, to reduce this void.

India is quite weak at initiating product development. However, the situation will change in coming years. Innovation is the key to development in this field. As research and development go hand in hand, it is very important for India to improve skills and research, which will provide a further impetus to the IT sector.

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