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Globalization And Education Essays

Globalization And Education Essay

Globalization and Education

Globalization involves the integration of economic markets around the world and the increased movement of people, ideas, goods, services, and information across national borders. It has been marked by a rise in the power of corporations vis-?-vis nation-states. The influence of globalization is growing in education spheres as well. For example, the standardization of education under the No Child Left Behind Act is certainly connected to a desire for global competitiveness, particularly in educating citizens to participate in the global economy. So, too, is expanded corporate involvement in schools. This entry provides a brief overview of globalization and then looks more closely at its impact on schools.

This entry first defines globalization and explores its technological, political, cultural, and economic dimensions. It then describes concerns about the downsides of globalization, in particular, how many see it as synonymous with global capitalism, and thus the cause of various forms of social misery, such as a widening gap between the wealthy and poor, ecological destruction, homogenization of cultures, and excessive consumption and greed among the privileged. Next, it examines the ways in which globalization has led to significant shifts in educational priorities. For example, in the United States, there has been increased competitive standardization of teaching and learning, growing commodifi-cation of education, and a move toward seeing schooling as primarily a private good. Finally, the entry considers some ways of harnessing the democratic potential of globalization through creating an expanded notion of global citizenship, using new forms of technology in the service of social change activism, and reinvigorating discussions of democracy and social justice.

Globalization may be the word that best characterizes the twenty-first-century world. It is a term talked about across academic disciplines, in the media, in advertising, and by politicians and world leaders. Yet despite the fact that this word is talked about in so many different contexts, both popular and scholarly, there is no clear and/or agreed-upon definition of globalization. It is an idea that is elusive, complicated, and contentious. People often seem to use the term in contradictory ways depending on their social position, cultural perspective, and level of investment in current political and economic systems. Some herald globalization as the path toward a future of growing prosperity, intercultural cooperation, and technological advancement. For others, it is simply the most current manifestation of the forces of colonialism, imperialism, and capitalist greed, with the inevitable outcome being increased impoverishment and marginalization of many of...

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Free 750 words essay on globalization and its impact on education for school and college students.

The saying that Geography is History is well proved by the term globalization, which is termed as globally movement of goods, services, knowledge, technology, information and people.  Physical boundaries are nothing to do with today’s fast moving economic developments of different countries.  As globalization of the world financial system is rolling, an equidistant blooming of educational globalization is also being perceived.  However, unlike economic globalization, this global education system is a bit impacted by the lines between the developed and developing nations.  To bring education system of various countries at par to the standardized level, the General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS) has encompassed the education industry as a part of globalization affair.

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The impact of globalization is comprehensive and therefore, the economy is not only global but also more inclined towards knowledge.  The demand of skill has been changed markedly.  The blue collar jobs have been reduced to a great percentage, while there is enhancement of professional jobs like technical, managerial and many more.  This decrease in low skill jobs like routine manual jobs and little mental work is taken over by machines and computers.  The demand for high skilled professional are increasing day by day thus throwing a huge opportunities for students pursuing higher education throughout the world.


The expeditious boost in looming market is symbolic to economic boom and the requirement to prepare students for opportunities demanding new skill sets.  The multinational companies and even small entities require workforce with knowledge of foreign languages and cultures to retail out brand to buyers and clients throughout the world and to work productively with foreign employees and collaborators in other countries.


The fundamental aim of globalization is to augment the efficiency and to construct the educational system as a tool aiding students to compete in the global mart as prolific beings of the society.  Boom in IT sector throughout the world is another reason for global educational revolution.  It further enhances the knowledge content and educational exchange affairs.  Digitization of world has a great influence on educational globalization as it has become facile to get the required information in various fields.


The globalization has a significant impact on today’s education specially for higher degrees.  The students are given the chance of exposure by pursuing their higher educations from elite institutes in  respective fields, further imparting the knowledge to their own clan.  The government of developing nations are granting scholarships for pursuing higher educations in developed nations leading to indirect augmentation in country’s economy.  There are various student exchange programs running across the continents which not only facilitates students in getting education but also bring them to know about different socio economic cultural similarities and differences.  This educational globalization has become a boon for  under developed nations lacking in facility of  standard level of higher education.  Under several programs the students of these nations are bestowed with the opportunities to get esteemed education and relish their dream and in return contribute a bit to their nation’s economy.


There is one more edge of global impact on education that there will be a want of both reconsider and reorienting the school to contrive the best children and youth of the world to enlist world challenges and opportunities.  Educational system worldwide continue to bring education at par to one level so that there will be


To every perspective there are two sides, the brighter side and the darker side.  We came across a lot beneficial effect of globalization on educations.  However, there are some adverse effects which may concern us in future.  There will be more competition and decontrol educational systems with so many international educational centers irrespective of their quality education and may be a chance of  fraudulent flourishing in this education system.  There is also threat to national identity and culture as student visiting other country may struggle in coping with the language, culture, and more specific their  national identity.


However,  since many years, countries throughout the world are primarily emphasizing on promoting education as a route to augment personal prosperity, well being, and eradicating poverty.  Resulting to this, countries as well as companies are now setting qualification norms for various job opportunities.  They have set a standard for being qualified for a particular job.  Demand for higher educational degree is increasing everyday due to rise in competition everywhere on this globe.


Globalization has impacted the whole world so much that everyone is running for the want to be the world class.  Economy, life style, education, culture, and above all the nature, everything is influenced by the magic of the term globalization.

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