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Like its parent text, Critical Thinking: Tools for Taking Charge of Your Learning and Your Life, Second Edition, this book focuses on an integrated, universal concept of critical thinking that is both substantive and practical; it provides readers with the basic intellectual skills they need to think through content in any class, subject, or discipline, and through any problems or issues they face.

Written by two of the leading experts in the field, Critical Thinking: Learn the Tools the Best Thinkers Use focuses on the most basic critical thinking concepts.  It includes activities that allow readers to apply these concepts within disciplines and to life.  An added feature to this brief book is a focus on close reading and substantive writing.

Content highlights include:

  • Think for Yourself activities
  • Discovering the parts of thinking and the standards for thinking
  • Learning to formulate clear and substantive questions
  • Making the design of a course work for you
  • Close reading and substantive writing
  • Becoming a fair-minded thinker

The authors' website provides students with valuable resources to enhance their development as thinkers.  Find this at www.criticalthinking.org

Visit our Student Success Supersite at www.prenhall.com/success  Features will include:

  • Majors Exploration
  • Career Advice
  • Web Links
  • Tips from Successful Students 
  • Student Bulletin Boards
  • Faculty Resources

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If you like this book, you may well enjoy applying your Critical Thinking skills to the big debates in contemporary science (which my book Paradigm Shift is about) - or to those evergreen problems of philosophy which my two '101' books present. These books present problems in very short passages - ideal for group brainstorming!

* Ps those CTS tests: Good news: the current reprint has been corrected already. Bad news, the first print run contained errors on p89. So for anyone still scratching their heads, I better put this right. Q10: the correct number of miles per day 226, and as to the bonus question there were three people drinking tea originally, and Grandma makes the fourth). In question 10 too, the equation needed is actually (rounding up the cost of renting from £19.99 to £20) something like: 20 + (number-of-miles - 100)*1 = 100 + (number-of-miles*0.2).

ps. Don't worry, most of the book is NOT maths! More like thought-provoking stories.

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