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Are You a Good Communicator Essays

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Are You A Good Communicator?
May 31, 2010 Abstract
Thinking that I am basically a good communicator, there is always room for improvement and skills development. Being in a position of authority can be a hindrance if one cannot learn the skills to manage others. Reading and understanding verbal and nonverbal skills will become a major factor in owning my own business. I never really had a problem reading nonverbal signs in relating to others. Prior employment and experience in interview and investigation techniques will need to be utilized in working with others in the field of business development. Symptomatic signs of avoidance, disinterest in conversation, lack of social networks and hobbies. People become engulfed with pre…show more content…

There may be the occasional time when you pay more attention to the message you’re sending rather than how it’s received. With some time and experience, you’ll likely be able to improve your insight even more.

To be completely honest, I tried to answer the questions to receive a perfect score. Even though I have the perception to understand the qualities of a good communicator. The test seems rather ambiguous or repetitive in asking the questions. Since my preconceived ideas were to score a perfect score of 100. Therefore, I chose to retake the test.
This is the snapshot view of the second test, which the score was lower, but with the same results. Having an opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills, focus should be placed on more compassion for getting to know the customer’s needs. Being self-employed, one must learn to think outside of the box. Life cannot always be without confrontations or customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the skills of learning to negotiate and critical thinking must be practical applications. Out of 100 points, I scored 66, the first time and 59 the second time.

Training and Development
The Richardson Company, website that assists in improvement of communication skills, states,
Communication is said to be the most important skill in life. And effective communication always comes down to one thing--mutual

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Essay on Are You a Good Communicator

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How do you know if you have effective communication? To have effective communication you have to have an understanding of ones ideas. Another good way to know if you have effective communication is observations among people. Communication is a two way exchange that must involve both a presenter and a audience. It is important to have good quality interpersonal relations particularly in the health care industry because when you are in health care, you are talking to multiple people. When you are in health care, you are always interacting with other departments, nurses, office personal and patients. So it…show more content…

Assertive styles is important because it tells those around you what kind of person you are. You can be one who is laid back, easy going or you can be one who is aggressive and likes to argue about things. The appropriations in a health care workplace can be tricky. For many people when they are stressed out and frustrated , it can cause people to be aggressive towards their fellow co-workers. But it can also be taken as a doctor who does not play around and wants to get the situation taken care of. You can also have those who are laid back and easy going who work in the health care workplace . In doing so, they are less aggressive when it comes to specific areas of the job and will take their time at what they are doing. This can cause people to make mistakes because of their lack of focus or over looking something. Just like being to aggressive, where it too can cause a person to over look something important.

For me personal , my self-assess of interpersonal communication skills are very effective. I will sit back and listen to what people have to tell me and then give my thoughts on what should be done or what can't be done. I will also work with people to get a better understanding of a situation when it arises.

I think that from my own experience dealing in the health care workplace for as long as I have really makes my self assertiveness pretty good. When I communicate with those who need help or just

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