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Default Assignment Owner

Data Type    Enumerated

Entry Type    Calculated or entered

Description    The Assignment Owner field contains the name of the user who is responsible for entering status in Project Web App for the current assignment.

How Calculated    Work resources own their own assignments by default. Assignments with material resources and generic resources are owned by the default assignment owner, if one is identified. If there is no default assignment owner, the Assignment Owner field contains the name of the person who created the project plan. This field can be changed to any work resource who is a part of the project team. Cost resources do not have assignment owners.

Best Uses    Add the Assignment Owner field to the Task Usage or Resource Usage view when you need to review or update the name of the individuals who are to enter status for the assignments. Update this field if a team member other than the assigned work resource will be entering status for the assignment, or if there are multiple assigned resources, and one of them is to be responsible for reporting status in Project Web App. Specify an assignment owner if the resource does not have a default assignment owner or if you want to change it.

Example    Wilson is assigned to a number of tasks in the project. For five of these tasks during the month of July, he will be working away from the office and unable to access a computer to report on his assignment status. His manager, Pilar, is available during that time period, so she has set herself to be the assignment owner for those five assignments. Pilar will then be able to enter status information for Wilson on those assignments.

In your construction project, you have two resources assigned to all tasks having to do with laying brick: the work resource Keith, the bricklayer, and the material resource "Bricks." In addition to being the assignment owner for his work assignments, Keith has also been designated the assignment owner for the "Bricks" assignments. When reporting assignment status, Keith enters the number of hours he has worked on his assignments. He also enters the number of bricks he has used in the fulfillment of these assignments.

Remarks    Team members who are identified as assignment owners can see the assignment in Project Web App.

You can set the assignment owner for an individual assignment using the Assignment Information dialog box.

You can set the assignment owners for all resources assigned to a single task through the Task Information dialog box.

The Assignment Owner field is not available for local (non-enterprise) resources.


your first question: Project is designed to assign multiple resources to the same task. People not very experienced may prefer not to do so, since there are some additional parameters like "effort driven", which can be confusing without a good training.

It is not ok, that you don't see all names of assigned resources in assignment owner column. But that may be related to patch level. Just verify in Task Information dialog or a usage view, if assignment owner is the same for all assignments. I don't think so.

By default, assignment owner is "Default assignment owner" as defined on resource level in Resource Center - Edit resource. When you create a new resource, you will see that Default Assigmnet Owner is set to resource. But this Default Assignment Owner can be changed there. And it will be used as assignment owner when assigning a resource to a task. If you want your resources to see their assignmenst on Tasks page, Default Assignemnt Owner defined in Resource Center should be the same as resource and should also not be modified in project plan after assigning resource to a task.


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